Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Chit Chat over the clothesline

Random Musings & totally irrelevant content, whilst we hang the wash on the line, it is going to be a 

picture perfect day for things to flap on the line.

How are all of you?

In my Garden

My Tasha Tudor rose seed has not germinated. I only planted one so I don't kill all the seeds at one time.I'll give it more time, or try again.

In the milk jugs, I was surprised to see there has been some germination, brussel sprouts, sage, carrots and Milkweed ( for pollination).

Rhubarb & winter garlic is up. I've put my potted Rosemary out which I overwintered. The Rosemary which I plant outside never comes back, so I always one on the go in the house from a cutting. Lemon Verbena looks sparse, when it warms I will put it out as well. 


If I finished everything I started I would have no yarn or thread left. I am bouncing around from one project to another. One minute I want to make items to sell, and the next minute I cannot be bothered with it. I always said, that when I want to do that then my joy of crochet becomes a job. I don't want that. It is a joy for me and & I want to keep it that way. 

So, I've settled on a pattern ( I hope) and will begin. It is important for me to keep my hands & mind busy, I feel happier when I have something on the go. 

Enjoy the Spring Day





  1. My rosemary froze this winter so I just found a new one. I need to remember to bring a cutting inside before fall.

  2. I am happy to say that finally the tulips are coming up in our yard. The first real green I have seen.

    God bless.

  3. Faith, just checking to see if you are okay.

    God bless.


Have a very blessed day and take delight even in the simple things.


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